a simple guide to getting it right when buying insurance

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No Claims Discount Expires After 2 Years | Protected No Claims Discount Does Not Protect Your Premium | Manipulating Your Details to Gain a Better Price Could Invalidate Your Policy | You Don't Automatically Get Driving Other Cars With Comprehensive Cover | Should I Send Copies of Documents to My Broker/Insurer? Yes | Each Policy Earns It's Own No Claims Discount, You Can't Use It Twice | Insuring Your Child's Car In Your Name Is Called Fronting And Is Fraud! | Don't Assume Your Company Car No Claims Discount Will Be Accepted By Your New Insurer - Check First! | Counterpart Licences Abolished, You May Still Have To Provide a Code From DVLA to your Underwriters to Check Your Details | Motorbility Policies Do Not Earn a No Claims Discount | Motoring Endorsements Are Declarable For 5 Years

Points On Your Licence, Motoring Endorsements and Disqualifications

The simple thing to remember here is, answer the question correctly.  Don’t assume and decide for yourself whether something needs declaring or not - the same with all of the questions.  Don’t interpret it as you see fit, because that means you could be hiding the truth.  If you have a motoring conviction over 3 years old, but within 5 years (conviction date - NOT offence date) and the question asks “have you had any motoring convictions within the last 5 years?”, you must declare it/them.  The insurer then has the correct details and can insure you correctly.  Bear in mind that not all insurers actually rate on convictions over 3 years old! But you are making sure that those who do, won’t potentially void your policy at a later date.

Rehabilitation of Offenders Act Vs DVLA

The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 says motoring endorsements are declarable for 5 years since the changes in 2014, even though the DVLA say they can remove them after 4 years!!.  Maybe these two Government Departments should talk to each other, but that aside, you must declare them.  Some insurers will not rate on a conviction after 3 years, so as long as you’ve entered it, your premium will be calculated correctly.

How can I prove my Endorsements details when there is no longer a counterpart licence?

If you have a photocard licence, then you might be aware that since the 8th June 2015 the counterpart licence (the paper bit) became obsolete; so how can you prove a conviction is off your licence?  Well, there are a couple of ways; you could get you broker or insurer to do a conference call with the DVLA whilst you’re on the phone to check your details, or you can share your licence via the Government portal https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence.  You enter your driving licence number, National Insurance (NI) number and postcode that is on your licence and it will generate a code for you to supply to the broker or insurer.  They can then go into a separate part of the Gov. portal to enter the code and it supplies them with what was the counterpart.  This service does not give your address so you might still have to supply a copy of the photocard to your broker/insurer where requested.  You will need one code for each driver!

List of Driving Endorsements

motoring endorsements are declarable for 5 years since the changes in 2014, even though the DVLA say they can remove them after 4 years!!

List of Driving Endorsements

Nearly out of date claims or convictions are not out of date and you must include them or you could invalidate your policy