a simple guide to getting it right when buying insurance

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No Claims Discount Expires After 2 Years | Protected No Claims Discount Does Not Protect Your Premium | Manipulating Your Details to Gain a Better Price Could Invalidate Your Policy | You Don't Automatically Get Driving Other Cars With Comprehensive Cover | Should I Send Copies of Documents to My Broker/Insurer? Yes | Each Policy Earns It's Own No Claims Discount, You Can't Use It Twice | Insuring Your Child's Car In Your Name Is Called Fronting And Is Fraud! | Don't Assume Your Company Car No Claims Discount Will Be Accepted By Your New Insurer - Check First! | Counterpart Licences Abolished, You May Still Have To Provide a Code From DVLA to your Underwriters to Check Your Details | Motorbility Policies Do Not Earn a No Claims Discount | Motoring Endorsements Are Declarable For 5 Years

Motorbility - A Great Scheme…But, It Doesn’t Accrue No Claims Discount In Your Name

The Motability scheme has been running since about 1978 and is a Charity to help those who need assistance with being able to stay mobile or having access to specially adapted/wheel chair accessible vehicles.  What’s great about this scheme is that you don’t even have to be able to drive, so friends, family or carers can drive the vehicle for you.  Check out their site to see if you’re eligible.

Motability Insurance is normally provided through the Motability scheme and as such you will not need to shop around for insurance.  However, be aware that you will not earn a no claims discount in your own name under this scheme.  They can normally issue you with a letter to confirm you have been claim free, but this is not accepted by a lot of insurers as no claims discount proof.  Why? Although you will be issued with insurance documentation in your name, the insurance is on a fleet basis and as such not actually in your name.  You are essentially named on the Motorbility Insurance Fleet and fleet policies do not earn no claims discount. OddsMonkey

If you had your own vehicle and insurance prior to a Motability Scheme policy, then your no claims discount has likely expired.  Most Motability schemes run for 3 years and no claims discount usually expires after 2 years.  Just bear this in mind when signing up to Motability, that you’re likely to have no no claims discount when you finish with the scheme.