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Driving Tuition Insurance - A Lesson From Us

If you drive in the UK, then you’re likely to have taken a driving test and most will have been taught by a professional driving instructor.Young woman sitting in car holding car keys

To become a Driving Instructor, you first need to apply to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to become an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor), you will also need to to have a Criminal Records check and details of your current licence and and endorsements/disqualifications you may have.  There are three parts to becoming an ADI, which includes a Theory Test, Practical Test and Instructional Ability Test.  You’ll also need to have patience in abundance and the ability to keep up with current legislation, as well as being a self-employed business person.  There are some driving schools that employ instructors, but most are independents.

If your profession is a Driving Instructor, then your vehicle is your livelihood and as such you need to insure it correctly.  You can not use a Private Car policy for your Driving Tuition, you must have a specific Driving Tuition Insurance policy.  Not all brokers cover this kind of vehicle and it could take some shopping around to find one.

Be aware that Driving Tuition NCD is not always accepted for Private Car insurance, if you’re stopping tuition.

The MSA Driving School Approved Insurance broker is Barry Grainger Ltd who can accommodate MSA and Non-MSA members.  They offer a full spectrum provision for all your Driving Tuition needs, Vehicle Insurance, Breakdown Cover, Replacement Dual-Controlled Vehicle in the event of a Non-Fault claim with a known Third Party (via DH Hire).  They are also able to offer Accident Management, Legal Expenses cover and GAP Insurance, plus Public Liability cover too.  

I have no affiliation to BG Insurance, but having worked for them in the passed, I know they are thoroughly professional in this field.  Contact Barry Grainger Ltd to get a quote or discuss any of your queries or needs.

Find out if you can become a Driving Instructor here.

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