a simple guide to getting it right when buying insurance

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No Claims Discount Expires After 2 Years | Protected No Claims Discount Does Not Protect Your Premium | Manipulating Your Details to Gain a Better Price Could Invalidate Your Policy | You Don't Automatically Get Driving Other Cars With Comprehensive Cover | Should I Send Copies of Documents to My Broker/Insurer? Yes | Each Policy Earns It's Own No Claims Discount, You Can't Use It Twice | Insuring Your Child's Car In Your Name Is Called Fronting And Is Fraud! | Don't Assume Your Company Car No Claims Discount Will Be Accepted By Your New Insurer - Check First! | Counterpart Licences Abolished, You May Still Have To Provide a Code From DVLA to your Underwriters to Check Your Details | Motorbility Policies Do Not Earn a No Claims Discount | Motoring Endorsements Are Declarable For 5 Years

Driving Other Cars (DOC) is provided under some Private Car and Motorcycle (Driving other Bikes) insurance policies and covers the policyholder to drive another car (or Motorbike).  There are some rules relating to this of course.

It is not meant to be relied upon for everyday use and is really for emergency use should you need to drive another car.  For example, if your car didn't work and you had an emergency,and your friend says use mine or you were a passenger in a friends car and they had suddenly become ill, leaving you all otherwise stranded.

This cover is not provided under any commercial policies and does not allow you to drive a Commercial Vehicle or Commercial type vehicle even if covered on a private car policy. You would also not be able to ride a motorcycle under a Private Car DOC and vice versa if you had riding other bikes on your motorcycle policy you couldn’t use it to drive a car.

Make sure you check your certificate of insurance to see if you have the cover before you drive someone else's car. You could end up getting a conviction for no insurance (IN10) 6 Points on your licence and a fine (around £200) or potentially a driving ban. Not only that, but some insurers will not insure you if you have had an IN10 conviction and if they do, it will more than likely increase your premium substantially.

Similarly, if you are going to let someone drive your car who says they have DOC on their policy, ask to see their insurance certificate, because you could still get a conviction for letting someone drive your car uninsured (an IN14 conviction - aiding and abetting). Again, this will attract penalty points or a driving ban and a hefty fine for you and the person you allowed to drive could get an IN10 Conviction too. This is not to be sniffed at; it could cost you more money on insurance for the next 5 years!! If you have a driving job or are required to drive company cars/vehicle as part of your job, it could affect your work too and possibly mean losing your job. Don't take the risk make sure you check their certificate.

Your friend rocks up in his new car and asks if you want a go.

Do you grab the keys or check your insurance first?

Driving Other Cars is not always given even on Comprehensive Cover.

Check your certificate or anyone’s who you’re lending the car to first.